Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Christmas

Since it’s the season, and I’ve been blogging pretty heavy topics of late, I decided to mix it up by bringing you some of my favorite Christmas songs this week. (Feel free to post your favorite songs too, especially if it’s a lesser known Christmas song. Always looking for something good.)

When people talk about Elvis, they talk about the hips, the women, that mansion of his, his daughter marrying Michael Jackson. But there seems to be so little acknowledgment of what a great voice he had, how smooth it was and a good example of singing it is. It takes a fair amount of breath control to get that right.
The song itself is nice, because while being about a blue during Christmas it also is a blues song.
If you look at this particular performance, you can see him screw up his face, and there’s something very gritty about that, more rock than pop, more Johnny Cash than we would expect.
Also, doesn’t he have long eyelashes?

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