Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bleed White

My new favorite album right now is The Bleed White's self-titled album. It is a great combination of folk and garage songs, and there's something strangely mod and indie about it at the same time. "Posion" manages to be bluesy in the best retro sense, as if it fell out of its correct time without the least bit of polish. "Judge and Fool" takes "tropical" instruments and combines them with the banjo, giving a different, and lovely, sound. Every song feels like it would be perfect in a movie; the first song "Eat the Spurs" is the sort of song that is featured in every opening segment or montage. The one song I do have a problem with is "Just Tonight" which is a perfect example of the male gaze, but otherwise this is a great album to listen to on loop for an entire afternoon.

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