Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Suicide of a Superpower

Pat Buchanan has a new book coming out called Suicide of a Superpower, which explores America's future. Buchanan's view of the future is one in which the lack of white Americans destroys the nation. Several differing points of view are offered on Buchanan's ideas here, but disappointingly, few of them discuss the obvious racism inherent in this world view and none actually call him out as a racist, even though his ideas about people of color destroying America through sheer numbers is the most perfect example of how the fear of immigration is motivated by racism.
Furthermore, other ideas expressed in the above piece were problematic. Minnesota State Senator Terri Bonoff suggested that we need to quickly "enculturate" immigrants, even though this itself is an ethnocentric view, one that privileges American-born culture over that of any other non-native American culture. Hastings Wyman believes that immigrate labor should be exploited by American companies.
Unfortunately, what Ms. Bonoff and Mr. Wyman should have said was that Buchanan was motivated by a desire to inhibit the political, social and economic power of groups of people. His book is nothing more than an attempt to encourage further marginalization masked as somehow saving America.

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