Monday, August 23, 2010

A Catwalk for the Birds

New Scientist has some great photos of birds in flight.  I particularly like the white background of these photos.  It's jarring because they're suppose to be nature photos, but they lack all the other aspects of a nature shot (focusing instead on the subject at hand.) 
Like many English people, I am really interested in the gaze, and I found the gaze of the Secretary Bird startling.  Animals are, to most people, beneath us, in some ways just like women.  This bird gazing at the audience is shocking, because we're not use to looking at them as an audience. 


  1. The lack of context forces the viewer to focus on the main subject, similar to how looking at a painting upside down allows the viewer to look at the art independent of its content.

  2. Wow, Miss Sigmund, I know I could count on you for an intelligent comment. :) That's a totally appropriate thought, one I didn't even have.