Sunday, October 17, 2010

Central Park

I spent the day exploring the southwest side of Central Park. It was a beautiful day outside, and I caught some sights. Here are some photos.

This is the Dakota. This is the building where John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman. If Lennon was still alive, it'd be about seventy years old.

It's named the Dakota because of the Dakota Native American who decorates the front of the building, pictured here. This I had a slight problem with, because I dislike how Native Americans are used to decorate sports teams, and I wonder if this is somewhat similiar.

I love buildings, but usually when I spot an interesting building, I know nothing about it. This was one of the buildings I spotted and was curious about. I think what got my attention was that this sign sort of reminded me of The Hotel Yorba, which has a similar sign. Apparently it's just an ordinary hotel, just like The Yorba.

I don't know about anyone else, but it seems like a lot of the depictions in movies and tv of Central Park have also included a lot of these bridges. I think they're pretty.

I'm almost certain there was a murder here on Castle.
I love plants. One of the things I love about them is the way roots spread out above ground.

Another random building where I was like "What is this?" It's apparently just a private day school.

I'm used to seeing these guys at the beach, but I was totally stunned at seeing this guy at the park. Right after I took this picture, he seemed to think he had found something.
Sun Bubbles
As you've probably figured out by now, I'm not much of a photographer. Often I make mistakes. Sometimes, though, I like my mistakes. I was trying to take a picture of this woman's beautiful wedding dress, and instead I caught the sun at just the right angle, and I got a sun bubble. Sun bubbles, I decided, are my favorite.

At the entrance to Central Park there are big statues and memorials. This said it was to those who had died on a shipwreck, which mostly just made me think of the beginning of Moby Dick.

I realize this is probably unintentional, but this boy's power stance makes me think of rock stars and a particular SNL skit.
These clouds are glorious. In addition to having a strange love for buildings and roots, I love glorious clouds.

I like how dark the buildings in this photo are. They're dark in life, obviously, but my camera seems to have captured them as much more forboding than they needed to be.

I wandered over to the square and discovered it was a monument to Christopher Columbus, which just put a bad taste in my mouth. Even before I became aware of how awful it is to celebrate when groups of people were first conquer by the West, I thought this guy was terrible because he insisted that he had found India even though all he had done was bump into another large land mass. I hate this statue for glorifying this guy.
This is the actual statue, which is way up on an obelisk. I like that I captured this guy with signs of capitalism behind and around him.
Whole slew of photos from this little trip at my Flikr page.

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