Friday, October 15, 2010

Kittens that Drink Tea

Every once and a while, a museum exhibit comes along that is so crazy and unexpected it's hard not to wonder.  Enter this little exhibit of Victorian taxidermy.  Note the pictures.  The kittens in the first picture look so normal, looking like they are on the verge of having an expression.  And then you remember that they're dead.  And then you remember how woha crazy this is. 
What really gets me is that a few weeks ago a museum studies friend told me it takes ten years to put an exhibit up.  At the time, I just thought about how that put exhibits into perspective, and made me respect them a lot more.  But thinking about that now in comparison with this exhibit made me think of how much time must have gone into this already freaks me out a little. 
Though to be fair, I already knew Victorians were whimsically morbid. 

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