Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christine Collins, Songwriter

I'm usually the first one to admit how in awe I am of my friends.  I see them as being incredible, smart and talented, and, depending on which individual, always find other admirable qualities.
So when I discovered last night that one of my friends, Christine, had a whole budding musical career online, I was pleasantly surprised.

The first one she showed me was this little number, "Starscape," which she wrote as an ode to Doctor Who, which we were talking about at the time.  I think it might be as perfect for the show as its infamous theme song.  I think the simplicity of the tune relates well with how it's suppose to be a children's show.  At the same time, there's something strong and dramatic and dark about it, and again, just like the show, especially in recent years.  Most songs about spaceships don't work out well (unless you're the Vines), but this does.

She told me in our conversation that she is really proud of this song, "Metaphor."  I think there's something very indie rock/folk about this song.  I love the line "There's a metaphor in your hair."  The second verse, about reading Keats and noticing that they have similar writing style, is really beautiful and, again, is just like indie rock.  Other great lyrics include the line about a poet's fingers being pruned. 
I guess it isn't a huge surprise, since I used to live with the young lady in question and I did occasionally hear her singing.  And I knew she wrote poetry because we used to exchange poems by slipping them under each other's doors and critiquing them, so being a singer songwriter is a logical next step for her.  But when we talked about it, she was all "Oh, I'm not that good."  Whatever.  I think these videos speak for themselves.  To check out more of Christine's stuff, look here.

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