Monday, April 4, 2011

Difference Makers

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Difference Makers - Roy Den Hollander
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Where to even begin with this clip from The Colbert Report?  It is so wonderful to have people parody anti-feminism. 
It's hard for me sometimes to believe these people even exist, because the politician profiled here is so clearly offensive.  It's totally telling that when Roy lists the men he defends, his version of "diversity" within men includes African American men and heterosexuals.  No one seems to have informed him of the diversity within those who have identified male, or that the gender binary is a social construct and not necessarily representative of people's authentic identity.  Feminism, for him, is apparently capitalist-driven interest to encourage women to visit bars, which is totally besides the point of such important gains and battles feminism has yet to win.  This man's problem shouldn't be with feminism but with why women don't go to bars, which, if I had to guess, has more to do with issues of safety, which, by the way, feminism is always looking to improve.  

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