Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tweeting for National Poetry Month

Because I don't write enough all ready for this blog and my review blog, I'm also writing regularly for Arthur, a zine my friend Erin started. I don't post everything over on that blog, but I do post the vast majority of posts. And, starting last night, Erin granted me access to the mythical twitter account that Arthur has. By now, an announcement has appeared on their blog, explaining how, for National Poetry Month, I'll be tweeting poetry bits from Cherrie Moraga's The Last Generation.
I fell in love with Moraga several years ago while researching Latina poets for a class project. There is a wonderful tradition of Chicana and Latina activists writing amazing poetry, and Moraga, the author of Loving in the War Years and co-editor of This Bridge Called My Back, is at the forefront of that political poetry. She's wonderful, and hopefully, through tweeting, we can celebrate her work and National Poetry Month.

If you have a twitter, feel free to tweet along your favorite lines of poetry.

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