Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bring Back Liz 10!

I've mentioned how amazing my friend Christine is on this blog before.  I discovered last night she has a tumblr blog, which she is racking up various Doctor Who things, which she is obsessed with.  One of her most recent posts includes images of Amy Pond, the current companion.  Seeing all this recent Doctor Who stuff has me thinking about the show. 
As much as I like Amy, I miss Liz 10.  I loved her in the two episodes we got to see her in, and I wish they'd bring her back.  Science fiction shows aren't really known for their diversity, but I was so pleased to see Martha as a companion some years back.  She was smart, fun, and badass, and it was such a relief to see a woman of color who was admirable and a hero, instead of every dumb stereotype people have about women of African/Muslim descent.  I love that Martha wore relatively normal clothes and was becoming a doctor and didn't even put up with Ten all the time.  I realize that the lovely actress who plays Martha can't come back right now, but I'd also love to see Liz 10 come back and go on adventures with our heroes.  Because, right now in television, there aren't many depictions of women of color, and none of them includes one where one's the Queen of Britain.

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