Thursday, June 3, 2010


Part of this interview has Evangeline Lilly from Lost discussing a book she is writing. What intrigues me about all of this is that it's a children's book.
I've always wondered what it would be like to write for children. About a year and a half ago I wrote what was originally suppose to be a poem about a monkey and his family that someone suggested should be a children's books. I still really love that idea. I'd still really love to do it.
But generally, if I was going to write for young people, I think I would want to write young adult stuff. I grew up in the time of Harry Potter, when there were a lot of other fantasy novels written for the YA set, and I loved a lot of them (Redwall, Eva Ibbotson, The Arthur Trilogy, Coraline, The Hobbit, Gareth Nix, even The Series of Unfortunate Events). Right now, fantasy is really unpopular in YA publishing, but one day it'll come back in style, and I'll be ready with something. And, in the meantime, I can enjoy a decent urban fantasy for adults.

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