Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dead Low Tide

In that time before myspace and Wikipedia, finding information about bands was hard. Often, the only sources of information about them was what their labels put out or what a zine said about them, if they said anything at all.
Researching some of these bands, which were before Web 2.0's time, I found myself running into those difficulties. This band, Dead Low Time, which was actually right before Web 2.0, is one of them.
Some of the sources I read have said the band was breaking up as their debut album was wrapping up, others claim earlier. In any case, someone seems to have put an album out under their name.

Out of all the bands I have researched so far, these have been the most unabashedly punk, with the half-screamed lyrics. The singer has this quality to this voice which makes it sound as if the band is going to fall apart at any minute.

I love the title to this song: "Lazer Lazer Lazer Love." I love the lyrics "The past is none of our business now."

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