Thursday, July 21, 2011

Las Hermanas

History that focuses on lesser-known groups of people is important. Enter Lost Womyn Spaces, which gives mini-histories of important womyn-centered spaces.
Their recent post on Las Hermanas, a Californian cafe that catered to women and lesbians, is wonderful. The stories, of insane-asylum-escaping-cowgirls, biker chicks, and students from San Diego State's women's department, are a reminder both of the incredible ignorance non-heterosexual people face and their victories.
What I like about this place (which is unfortunately closed), is that it served as a place for multiple events and groups. There was a regular meeting place for lesbians but also a performance space for politically-conscious bands like Amazon Spice.
Also, I wonder if it is possible to get some recipes from the place. I am curious as to what Joy Balls are like.

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