Friday, July 8, 2011


Karp was a 90s band located in Washington State.  Like many other bands in the Seattle area, they were associated with K Records and influenced by the Melvins.

Listening to their music, it is easy to compare them with Nirvana, Seattle's most famous band.  Like Nirvana, they were clearly influenced by punk and metal, but their songs were more pop-like than bands like the Melvins.  This song, "Bacon Industry" comes from their Self-Titled Ep, which, yes, is the actual name of their EP. This song is clearly very metal.

Their song "Connect 5" is far more pop, but you can clearly hear grunge and punk influences.
And, finally, their song "Lorch-Miller" reminds me of the slow, meancing rock of Nirvana's Insecticide.

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