Friday, July 29, 2011

Fleet Foxes

So, Dan, my friend-who-was-not-interested-in-talking-about-music, mentioned during the same conversation that everyone had been telling him to check out Fleet Foxes. And it was one of those bands that I myself had been hearing snatches of things about. So finally, I gave in and gave them a listen.
They are good. They are clearly influenced not so much by indie music but by folk, and their music is simple, pure, and peaceful. The band members were apparently influenced by Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and Neil Young, and there is something of those two musicians in Fleet Foxes, though there's a delicacy in this band that Dylan, Williams and Young lack. They were also influenced by Brian Wilson, and the harmonies of "Mykonos" could easily be described as Beach Boy-esque.

One of the most surprising things about Fleet Foxes is that they are on Sub Pop. Sub Pop is so famous for its connection to the early 90s grunge scene (and the related riot grrrl and punk scenes in the Seattle area at the same time.) I would never guess Fleet Foxes, just at a listen, would be on this band.

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