Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Sale

The Red Cedar Review today had a book sale to raise money. Hopefully, you got out there to support us and to get some cheap books. I have classes all day on Thursday's, so I didn't get a chance to check this out until later in the day, but I do have some pictures, which I've decided to post for everyone to enjoy. One of the things we had to do last night to prepare was to design posters. This picture above is the one Ashley did. I love it.

Kim designed this sweet looking poster for the event. She's such an amazing artist. We're definitely putting this up in the office.

Look at some of the awesome books we had. Most of them were high literature, but a few, like the one in the corner, was knock-knock jokes for kids.

Natalie, Emily, Katie and others actually selling or buying books.

Here is Amelia and Rachel. These two were on rock duty at the time. We decided that in addition to having a book sale, we were going to paint the rock. Most universities have a rock, and MSU is not different in this regard. The painting rules are clear: You have to guard it all day, then you can paint it after nightfall. If you leave it in the night, it's fair game to paint again. Once it's dawn again, you can't paint. I love this picture because Amelia is playing harmonica and because Rachel looks like the sun is killing her. (Also, she's holding Ashley's poster!) I've always enjoyed hanging with both these girls. I feel like I would love to watch a sitcom about the two of them, since Amelia's random and Rachel's fun.

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