Monday, April 5, 2010

Presentation Preparation

Tonight, I went to a presentation about giving good presentations. I'm giving an academic presentation on my undergraduate thesis next week, and I was hoping for some good tips. I've given presentations before, but never this long.
Most of the stuff the presentation talked about was stuff I've already heard and strive to do. One of the things the presenter mentioned was that people are repelled by blue, so don't use it in your presentation. I had never heard of that. (My last presentation in my Feminism class was on Jean Rhys, and my partner and I had picked a blue layout in honor of her most famous novel Wide Sargasso Sea. Oops.) I also learned that the Writing Center has a program where you go and give your presentation to a reviewer who will give you tips. I probably won't have time to use that resource, but it's a good thing to know.
I'm hoping to get the presentation done in a few days so I can email it to my thesis adviser, Anita Skeen. Hopefully, she'll have some good ideas to make sure it's an effective presentation.

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