Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bread Rising

Tonight, I got to see Christine Rhein read from her first book of poetry Wild Flight. I really liked a lot of things about her poetry. I think she has great taste when it comes to picking interesting subjects to write poems on. It struck me that she often wrote poems on quirky stories or things she read about in the news. She had poems about birds being shot in domino matches and about abstract art involving the Mona Lisa and toast. She is also creative in terms of form, writing a poem completely in computer code called "In Code." (Other poems that had interesting forms include "For My Son, at Twelve" and "Self-Portraits, Three Way Mirror.") She had a great sense of details. (One of my favorites was talking about a Norwegian band named Bull's Eye. I was able to find bands named Bullseye, but they were American. If this band really exists, point me in the right direction. My favorite line of the night? "Imagine if we could hear bread rising." The next time I get a chance, I'm going to try.

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