Thursday, April 22, 2010

Issue Release Party

Just got back from the party tonight. I had a wonderful time. :) Amelia dared me at the meeting last night to come in a cape and appear on stage in a cloud of smoke. I didn't have a cap, so I did the best I could with a pink feather boa, which also went over well. I got there early and helped with balloon making, and before you knew it, the party got started.
Macaulay Culkin
One of the really nice things about events like these is that it's an opportunity for contributors and their families to come out and see the staff and celebrate their publication. Here is Erin Wisti's older brother. She just published a piece with us called "Here for the Littering," which is about her experience living with her father while he was receiving chemo.
Brian and Kelly's Mom
And at the same time, Brian, next year's poetry editor, got to meet with Kelly's Mom.
We always have nice food, including puppy chow, one of my favorites.
We even had some of our prospective staff members come join us for the party, including my friend Mark here. Mark works with me over at the Center for Poetry, where he's been a big help with running things.
Healey, Mark and Ally
Lastly, this is good chance to talk to some of the department's coolest professors. Here, Dr. Healey, this year's adviser, talks with Mark and his girlfriend Ally.
Ashley and Emily
I'm really going to miss the editors for this year's journal, Ashley and Emily. I really loved getting to know Ashley this year. Emily and I have been friends for years now. I can't believe how long ago it was that we first met and had our first four classes together. It seems like it was yesterday. Both of them have so much to be proud of, since publishing a journal is hard work, and it looks great this year.
We also had some really wonderful readers for this year's party. Lia Greenwell, Kelsey Jenko, Erin Wisti and I, all contributors, were able to read our own pieces.
I'm happy to say that my reading went really well. Lia loved that I didn't even acknowledge my silly boa, but still read really serious pieces. (Two love poems and a dramatic monologue.) I mentioned last post that I wanted to sound like Carolyn Forche, and someone actually mentioned that I sounded like God's wrath. Yes! Mission accomplished. I'm glad everyone enjoyed me reading.
Kelsey approached me after the reading to ask me if I'd like to read at some poetry readings she's hoping to organize this summer. I told her I was totally game. I want to keep working on reading. Also, it would be a great chance to meet other poets and hang out with poets I already love, like Jon James and Dr. Healey.
As always, there are more pictures on my Flikr account.
Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. Everyone at the journal really appreciates your support. Don't forget to buy at copy through the MSU Press if you haven't done so already.

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