Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Council on Women

There's been a lot of work going on at the U.N. recently on gender equality which would normally be a good thing.  But the BBC warns that Saudi Arabia and Iran might be trying to get elected on to the council
One of the things I hope readers remember is that there is a tendency among Western, privileged feminists to sometimes demonize an entire non-Western group of people without thought as to how patriarchal their own societies are.  This is not to apologize for the injustices of governments or other institutions, but simply to acknowledge that sometimes well-meaning can turn quickly into a neo-colonial response of "these people are uncivilized and we must give them our superior culture at any cost."  It's important to remember that the goal is to empower women, not debase the things they freely choose and do on their own to assert their own agency. 

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