Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomb of Jesus

My friends know that I love to travel, that I'm always looking for an excuse to go somewhere new.  I've been know to read travel guides and watch Rick Steves for fun, even if I do not have plans to go to whatever featured place anytime soon. 
I frequently find myself making lists of places I want to go.  Two days ago, I came across a website called Tomb of Jesus.  Apparently some people believe Jesus survived his execution and went on to live in Kashmir. I am not sure what to believe, but I would like to go there to explore, since this looks like it might be fascinating.  I like hearing other interpretations and thoughts on the Bible and Life of Jesus, which is why I’ve always liked reading about the Gnostic Gospels, especially the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.  As a history nerd, I mostly studied religion.  Although I mostly studied medieval religious beliefs, I liked learning about ancient Greek religious practices and how cosmopolitan African religion sometimes manifested too, so why not explore the beliefs of the often-forgotten region of Kashmir?  


  1. You could totally try "Lamb" It's a fictional gospel told by Jesus' childhood friend Biff. It's pretty cool. He invents sarcasm and works in really cool historical references.

  2. Okay, inventing sarcasm is pretty much the most winning detail I've ever heard about a novel. Thanks for the tip.