Friday, November 26, 2010

Girl Talk Tour

Girl Talk, one of my favorite one-man bands, is going on tour starting next week, since his new album came out this week.  I definitely want to go.
Girl Talk remixes and blends various pop songs together to create these really interesting songs.  The songs often bleed into one another.  I always enjoy listening for the various songs that are sewn together, and sometimes I can identify only some parts of what are in something.  (And sometimes not by name.)  Part of the fun of this music is trying to catch all the various bits being used, though your knowledge of pop music would have to be intense to catch all or even most of it.
The only thing that gives me pause about Girl Talk is some of the music being sampled.  Often the lyrics being sampled, like the one above, contain lyrics that are misogynistic.  It would be one thing if Girl Talk was cutting out the offensive lyrics; it might be read as a way to erase offensive material and replacing it with something positive or at least less awful.  But since he includes it (as with the song above, from his album Feed the Animals,) it is hard not to wonder what political message he's sending. 

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