Monday, November 1, 2010

Turn Back Time

Although I'm meant to be an English snob, I really love the ultimate medium of lowbrow: television.  Even though I might argue I like "good" tv, the truth is that I never censor my viewing based on what might be high art or low art.  Even, yes, that epitome of low art, bad tv, whatever: reality shows.  That said, I really like this advertisement for Turn Back Time: The High Street.  It looks like a delightful little reality show that involves history, which makes me smile.  (Also, is that shot of the van coming into the street meant to reference Back to the Future?) 

It also makes me think of some older reality shows that were all about history, once upon a time.  When I was young I fell in love with 1900 House, which was about a reality series about a family living back in 1900.  There were other versions of this show, involving other houses, other times, other families, and they were all fun and interesting.

I wonder now what happened to those houses, because I imagine they would make fun hotels. 

Thanks to Evangeline over at Edwardian Promenade for the link to the first video.

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