Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feminsim and Snow White

Reading that there is a new Snow White movie in the works (not to be confused with about four other Snow White projects going on right now), I found myself excited.   
What intrigues me most about this project is that there have been significant additions to the main character.  In this version, she apparently will be actively fighting to regain her kingdom and will wear armor.
Like a lot of other women, as a girl I went through my princess phrase.  And one of the plots that I always found the most fascinating to read about concerned young women who were stripped of their rightful inheritance and often exiled or locked up.  (It should also be noted that sometimes these things happened because they were women and their social status was inherently limited.)  The young women struggled to take back what was their's.  This occurred historically with princesses like Cleopatra, who spent two years in Rome or fictionally with characters like Rapunzel, who was locked up for reasons various authors have imagined.  Unfortunately, these princess tales of going out and getting what you want are few and far between, usually focusing on a passive woman who has to be rescued by a man, and often featuring other, older, unmarried women who are evil. 
I can't wait to see where these people take this movie.  I'm hoping it will be feminist in the sense that it will empower young women to seek out reclaiming their own "kingdoms." 

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