Monday, June 27, 2011

Radiohead's "No Surprises"

In the few months since Radiohead has released their latest album, The King of Limbs, I've been listening to it nonstop. Eventually, I am going to have to sit down and write my thoughts on this album down, but in the meantime, I've been reviewing their older work.
"No Surprises" is so pop in comparison with their newer work; it is hard to imagine this band, writing a typical 90s pop song, would turn out much more experimental pieces that often were not songs so much as audible landscapes. Reviewing Radiohead's career, I find myself thinking of The Beatles, who started writing fairly basic pop songs at the beginning of their career, ones that fit in with other music at that time, and as the years went on, they became stranger, putting out albums like The White Album and Yellow Submarine. And like the Beatles, Radiohead's earlier, less experimental work is still delightful and just as perfect.
I'm just crossing my fingers that Radiohead doesn't break up.

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