Thursday, June 9, 2011

"A Good Man Goes to War"

(Just as a friendly note, there might be some spoilers for the episode in this post.)
So I finally sat down and watched the latest Doctor Who episode, "A Good Man Goes to War."  I'm not going to formally review over at my review blog because really, I was a bit disappointed in the whole thing.  Doctor Who has increasingly turned into a hot mess, and although certain things remain impressive and fun, I find myself often wondering when the show will do something that emotionally gets to me.
My friend Christine has an excellent little rundown of what we still don't know as audience members.  And those questions aren't really all that compelling to me.
What I do want to know is if Steven Moffat and company were influenced by other science fiction and fantasy, because I find the similarities between River Song as a superbaby similar to all the superbaby storylines from about ten years ago when shows like The X-Files (alien DNA and can float things about its head), Angel (born of two vampires and is strong and fast) and Charmed (the baby of a witch and whitelighter and was performing magic from the womb) were all doing it.  It seems a little tired, really. 
Also, isn't the relationship now between Amy, Rory, the Doctor and River now exactly like the relationship between Bella, Edward, Jacob and Esmee?  The only difference here being the Doctor is the main character, not Amy in the Bella roll. 

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