Monday, June 13, 2011

Outlining Harry Potter

Given that the last Harry Potter movie is coming out soon, I thought I'd share a bit of Potter stuff with you. Months ago, the internet posted an outline J.K. Rowling wrote for The Order of the Phoenix.
What strikes me is how ordinary this outline looks at first glance. It honestly looks like a lot of the charts I drew as a kid, the only difference here being it charts the plots of a novel. And once you get looking at it, you see that the multiple plots are planned out, and that progress was being made in these plotlines, even if we as readers didn't hear about them.
A few years back Rowling mentioned she was interested in writing mystery novels, and, considering that each Potter book contains a fair bit of sleuthing and larger mysteries tie together the whole series, Rowling would clearly be able to pull off a mystery novel. Mystery novels involve pretty intense planning, and this outline proves she knows exactly how to do it.

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