Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bend it Like Beckham

According to EW, North Korea recently broadcast an edited version of Bend It Like Beckham on the state-controlled tv channel. It's apparently the first time North Koreans have seen a Western film.
As a feminist, I really like this movie because it's about women pursuing their dreams in a male-dominated field. I'm hoping this part of the movie got through the censors and that young women saw this part, because I know when I saw this movie came out, it made a big impression on me.
That said, I'm really curious to hear what did get censored out, because it's hard to imagine what North Korea would have found objectionable with this particular film. The only thing I can think is that they dislike the conversation the main character has about how she is limited in who she can date based on race and religion.
This news story also puts a lot into perspective. North Koreans have so little contact with the outside world that this is the first time they've seen Western films and it becomes a news story. North Korea is famously called the Hermit Kingdom, and if you read more about the country, you'll be horrified by the level of control and despair there.

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