Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Power Reading

Bibliotonic posted this great book shelf where the books actually come imbedded in the shelf. All of the books in this collection are political books on power. As both a book nerd and political junkie, I would love one of these in my home, though I suspect I would inevitably decorate the shelf with more books (in keeping with the theme, probably political books too.) I hate to admit that I haven't read all of these books, but I have read both The Republic and The Communist Manifesto. I'm a fan of the latter (obviously), but I have more complicated feelings about the former. On one hand, Plato makes some fascinating observations, but he also proscribes some terrible things. (Among other things, he basically calls for genocide based on what is at the very least an abiliest point of view. It would be easy to read these comments as a defense of things like the Holocaust.) Usually I read The Republic similar to how I read the works of Freud: truths used to make lies. Some of the things are true, but lot of the idealization is not.
Who says home decor can't make you think?

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