Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sexuality in Comics

Gail Simone, a comic book goddess, recently posted on her tumblr on homosexuality and their depiction in comics. The day before, I had read the post she references, and, like her, it made me angry.
I had agreed with Simone that comic books have had few LBGT characters. I frankly, can think of none off the top of my head. She makes a lot of other good points. I like the Simone makes the point of saying this is not about the author of the original post, which is totally true.
One of the other things the original author said was that a specific lesbian character was a lesbian in revenge of her father's strict discipline of her as a child. This is basically the "it's a choice" argument against homosexuality dressed up in a disguise. It is a disgusting, bad attitude to take towards a lesbian and lesbianism in general. It makes her sexuality not about her or her desire but about her father issues, which is really to say, makes it about men. It is both a ridiculous interpretation of the character and politically awful.

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