Sunday, January 23, 2011

Angels and Airwaves

This is a really fascinating trailer for a new science fiction movie called Angels and Airwaves. At first, it is just some astronauts in space. Okay. Then the power appears to go out on Earth. Oh. That could be really ugly. And terrifying, not just on Earth, but for those in the spaceship. This is going to be a thriller right? The kind where people sit around and get all jittery because their space station is probably the last refuge where people have some power?
And then the Civil War shows up. (Don't you wish you said that everyday? And then the Civil War shows up...) Let me tell you, as someone who spent a lot of childhood time around space-nuts: they are also almost always love the Civil War (also NASCAR, but that's another story altogether). At this point, this looks like the fantasy of certain male schoolmates of mine.
The last line "Does it bother you that we're not real?" is sort of great, and hopefully, an acknowledgement that this movie is taking place in character's minds.

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