Saturday, January 15, 2011

Women and Beauty

OkCupid, the dating site, has an interesting recent article on the mathematics of women's beauty.  Really, this is more about statistics and there's no Golden Ratio mentioned.
There are some good things about this article.  The conclusion at the end, encouraging women to play up their flaws, is nice because usually when you read a woman's magazine, the first thing they will tell you is basically make yourself perfect.  Be perfect all the time.  Are you perfect yet?  No?  Then you are going to spend the rest of your life alooooooneForeeeeevvver.
(And while we're at it, an aside: telling women to never show a negative emotion is possibly the oldest dating advice of all time.  I'm personally really sick of it.  If a guy can't deal with me now, he's not going to be able to handle later.)     
There are a lot of problems with this post.  For one thing, it is based solely on heterosexual ideas of love.  (Men are apparently only interested in women and vice versa in the universe this article plays into.)  I am unfamiliar with OkCupid, so it is possible this is one of those dating sites that only allows for heterosexual pairings, or at least only encourages them, but I found this assumption really sad and dated.  Maybe they are planning on eventually analyzing women interested in women and men interested in men, but if they are, they give no mention of it.   
I would also like to know how they rated attractiveness.  Was it just based on the authors opinions?  Did they actually poll people?  (It looks like they might of, but it's a little unclear.  Again, because I'm not familiar with OkCupid, I don't know.) 

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