Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stroller Coaster

My friend Caryn tipped me off to this band she recently discovered called Stroller Coaster. I'm listening to them now, and I have to say, I'm really impressed. They sound like they're in love with a lot of bands I love: The Hard Lessons, AC/DC, Cato Salsa Experience, Metallica, even The Beach Boys. I approve of this band, though I'm not impressed with "Drink my Purple Kool Aide," which sounds like something one of my high schools boyfriends would have written when we were in the 9th grade, and not in a good way.
I'm always keeping an eye out for a new band to love. I love discovering bands no one has heard of, since it feels like you have some great secret to share with only those who are cool enough to appreciate certain things. In the last few years, I've been crazy about indie-folk-cool Robert Francis, Spitzerspace Telescope and Double Saginaw Familiarity. And The Outer Vibe, The Hard Lessons and The Javelins, which are not so much folk but rock.
One of the few things I love about myspace is how easy it is now for a band to start a page on themselves and how easy it is for me to find them and listen to their stuff. I'm old enough to vaguely remember a time before myspace when finding cool bands was such a struggle. I fell in love with Silver Bullit's "People Get Real," Papas Fritas, Spoon, Ted Leo's "Parallel," The Action Slack's "Joan of Arc" and a whole other slew of bands or songs when I was thirteen. Trying to find more information and songs by them online back then was a massive pain. If they were American, I could sometimes find them on Amazon, but almost never just in a store. If they weren't American (I'm looking at you, Cato Salsa Experience and Silver Bullit), I'd be forced to get whatever I could, which sometimes was just a brief mention of a label's website. I still don't have the album I want from Cato Salsa Experience (The Fruit is Still Fresh) because it would cost 48 dollars to import it. Suffice to say, myspace makes me happy, since at least I can legally stream some of their other stuff.

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