Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mr. Fix-It

Mr. Fix-It is a rom-com that attempts to be a sports story about car racing and a film about older people, but it just ends up being a hard-to-watch mess.
The movie follows Lance, played by David Boreanaz, a man who pretends to run a computer repair shop, but in reality is a front for his business fixing guys back up with their ex-girlfriends. Boreanaz charms these ex-girlfriends, then turns into something worse than his client to make his targets appreciate their last boyfriend, driving these women back into his client’s arms. It’s the sort of disgusting dribble that makes me even less interested in returning to my ex’s.
Predictably, Lance doesn’t believe in love. So, of course, as any rom-com narrative goes, he’s ripe to fall in love. And, also predictably, he falls for a conwoman who does the same thing he does: con people into getting back into their old relationships.
The movie was designed to be more likable to those who are disinterested in rom-coms: men. The main character, a man, spends time working toward his dream of racing cars. Most of the characters in this movie are male, save for Lance's love, Sophia, played by Alana de la Garza. But none of that makes up for the poor writing. The jokes are corny at best and fall completely flat. It even looks at times like the actors are confused by their own lines, as if they're preforming a play in a language they don't understand.
If anything, this movie might make men appreciate more mainstream rom-coms for at least creating coherent narratives.

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