Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amazon Feedback Poem(s)

As my regular readers know, I'm a poet. Even though I write relatively tame free verse, I am interested in poetry that takes unusual forms. There's been talk this week about how poetry may have been revitalized thanks to Twitter, but that's seeing the issue too narrowly. Technology is adding all sorts of interesting forms to poetry, and sometimes people take advantage of this. This is a really interesting bit of internet poetry, written in Amazon's feedback program.
The poem might, for instance, be several poems, as they fit together but also could easily sit on their own. The third poem/stanza starts out sounding like it's from the view of a book purchaser, yet as it goes on, it identifies itself as a wall. This is a clever thing to do on a couple of levels. One, it tricks readers, and two, a wall is apparently writing on a metaphorical "wall" of a website, so it is also a joke. The fifth poem/stanza is rather silly too, using a metaphor that only half works. And the sixth is just the short bit we need to wrap it up.
I also like this form of poetry because of its guerilla nature. With technology being what it is, it would be easy for poems to be transferred and subjected onto people without them intented to see poetry. I can't wait to see more of this kind of thing.
If anyone knows of any other bits of technology-aided poems or guerrilla poetry, post in the comments.

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