Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geography in Music and Love

I am always interested in geography in art.  This is probably what I find so interesting about the work of various musicians, like Sufjan Stevens and Spitzer Space Telescope and Frontier Ruckus and The Hard Lessons, who are so much about centering their work on particular places. 
I was thinking about place when I heard Jump, Little Children's "Mexico."  I was thinking of a very old friend, so old now that I'm not sure she would consider me a friend any longer.  I had heard through some friends that she was newly in a relationship with an old colleague.  She had recently moved to Chicago, but he was out in Los Angeles, and they were both from Detroit, and the first bits of lyrics made me think of hard it is, in a relationship, to deal with geography.  Obviously, being far away from the people you love is hard. 
I've been thinking about geography because I've become rather nomadic lately, and I'm in the preparation stages to pick my bags up and move again.  On one hand, I love traveling, but I think I'm starting to suffer from fatigue.  I want to settle down or at least not have to move again, at least for a while. 
This is all a very round about way of saying that I'm going to be leaving New York soon, and that my posts about museums and other stuff will probably come to a temporary end. 

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