Sunday, March 27, 2011

Italian Medieval Fanfiction as a TV Show

So, in Canada, they are apparently working on a tv show called Leonardo. Reading this description, it's clear that it's some very loosely based on history show like Jack of All Trades and Relic Hunter only clearly marketed to a younger audience.
I really hope they decide to bring in lots of different characters based on other Italians from the Renaissance and late Medieval history.
Here's my wish list:
1. Matilda of Canossa. The most underrated medieval woman. Basically, she made an entire career fighting her nephew, Henry III of the eventual-Holy Roman Empire, in defense of the Papacy. She's the greatest female general of all time. If this show wants adventure and action, they couldn't do any better than having this kickass girl.
2. Savonarola. Every story needs a good villain, and who better than a man who spent so much time enforcing his particularly myopic form of Christianity on the masses?
3. Dante. Italy has had some amazing poets, one of whom happens to be this guy. This man managed to write some great stuff, and he's perfect for a romance with a certain young lady.
4. Boccaccio. Okay, so he's also a poet, but he's also important because he influenced the likes of Chaucer (who should also get a guest spot in this show) and wrote about women. I imagine him as a proto-male feminist type.
5. Clare of Assisi. I know, her cousin/best friend/rumored-to-be-lover Francis is more famous, and would be totally fun to have on the show too, but who else is the Patron Saint of Television? That's what I thought.
(I realize these people did not, in fact, co-exist or necessarily interact with each other, but since we are playing fast and loose with history anyway, we might as well go all out.)

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