Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Titanic

According to my fellow blogger Enchanted Serenity, Julian Fellows has penned the new version of Titanic coming out.
What I find really funny about this is the structure of the story. Basically, Fellows is going to be telling the stories of all the different kinds of people on the ship, which is fine, but that's basically what Downton Abbey, Fellows latest (and a megahit) did, only it did so in a house, not a ship. This is also basically the structure of two other recent British dramas, Upstairs Downstairs (both the old and new versions) and Gosford Park.
Fellows never creates a story solely about the lower classes and he insists on making the upper classes completely nice to their servants, even though there's more evidence that they were cruel and exploitative. Lots of British dramas have been great because they tell the stories of the poor. The stories of Charles Dickens are often about the working class and how their exploited.

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