Monday, March 14, 2011

Kate Middleton's Brother, James

A large group of my friends (and not just the British ones) are excited about the upcoming wedding between Kate and William. I have only been kind of paying attention, but this article about Kate and William and their relationship caught my eye, not because of what it said about everyone's favorite royal couple, but about Kate's brother.
According to this article, Kate's brother, James, has been photographed wearing women's dresses, specifically her dresses. The article doesn't really go into what that was all about, just that he might be gay.
I really hate this sort of business. James, or any one else for that matter, can wear whatever they want, and if he or someone else wants to wear clothes that defy gender stereotypes, then that's fine. Myopic views of gender, where there is only two, and they have certain essential characteristics and are inherent in your biological makeup, are antiquated and ridiculous notions. Shaming James, who may or may not be gender queer or a non-heterosexual, because of his sartorial choices is ridiculous and shames other people who may choose to dress differently than their gender or sex dictates.

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