Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arthur Submission

I posted last week that Arthur is looking for submissions, so I decided that maybe I should attempt to submit something, since I'm friends with the editors and other contributors. 
Selecting something is always half the battle.  I decided to go with a poem that I believe I showed Erin (the editor) at least a year ago, when Arthur was just a twinkle in her eye.  Looking at it now, I see it's a much better poem than my memory of it, so I have decided to submit it.  I've also decided to submit a companion poem.  (They are companion poems in that they are both based on stories about the same family member.) 
My one and only poetry teacher, Anita, once told me that people often have to write themselves in and out of poems when they're first writing a draft.  I can see, looking at this second poem, that I wrote myself into it.  But Anita also often suggests to her students to use the writing in or out as the inspiration to the title, which is what I have decided to do. 
I'm actually feeling pretty confident with this submission. 

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