Monday, July 12, 2010


This past weekend I went to the library to start on a database I'm building for them.  It's just suppose to be, at this point, a collection of all the students signed up for the Summer Reading Program.  I took time putting all the information together in a coherent chunk. 
One of the toughest things involves reading people's writing.  I'm often struck by how difficult it is to tell what people write.  I've been spoiled by reading so much in books and online, where type is all standardized. 
Once I get going, I'm pretty effective.  In the less than two hours that I worked on it, I made it through almost four hundred registration papers.  And I only began on the S's, so there's still a ton of kids.  (Way more, it seems, than last year.)
In the meantime, I sat at the desk waiting for kids to come in.  There were only maybe four or five, but that's okay.  Shelby came in and said hi to me, which was really nice.  And I got to meet another volunteer named Brandon.  He too is an English major, so we talked about books we like.  

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