Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday, I posted some photos from a reenactment of the French and Indian War. That post mostly featured the British camp and what it looked like. I have some more pictures here from the actual battle they recreated.
The British side, obviously.  There was a pretty large group of them.  They mostly kept in lines that advanced forward, sometimes individually, sometimes not. 
More of the British side.  Some of the men were dressed in very fancy outfits, but others were dressed to represent the poorer classes who participated.  Here are some of the latter. 
You'll notice a woman standing in this picture.  She's what is called a Molly.  Women were often an important part of the battlefield.  They stood behind men and did things like give them water.  During the Revolutionary War, some of these Mollys would even fire cannons.
A bunch on the British side firing their guns all at once.  Sometimes individual soldiers would shoot their rifles, other times they would fire as a unit.  If you look on the way left corner, you can see a Molly sitting in the grass. 
The British continued to advance on the French and Native Americans.  Here they are getting much closer to them. 
Molly Pitcher
A close-up of one of the Mollys. 
A unit of Scottish soldiers firing all at once. 
A side view of the British soldiers. 
The French Fort
The French side of the battle.  They were defending this fort.  At the end of the battle, they retreated into the fort.
One of the things I wanted pictures of but couldn't get close enough to see was the Native Americans who sided with the French.  They would make all sorts of noise and then come out and shoot some of the British, and then retreat back into the trees, repeating this several times over.  
The battle was very impressive.  There were eight hundred reenactors there, so there was a lot of impressive coordination and organization that went on to pull this off. 

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