Monday, July 5, 2010

Gwendolyn Brooks and Publishing

I was looking at some of the links from the article I posted yesterday, and I found Gwendolyn Brook's biography on the Poetry Foundation's website.  I'm always looking to educate myself on poets, so I started reading. 
Like a lot of cool poets out there, Brooks published with smaller presses, even though she didn't have to.  Two of these included Third World Press, in Chicago and Broadside Press, which is located in my native city of Detroit.  One of my favorite things is to discover smaller presses, because they're an interesting look at certain subjects within publishing.  (In the case of both of these presses, they focus on publishing progressive works by African Americans and people of African descent.)  Now I'll have to check these two presses out when I get a chance.  The only bad thing is that I will inevitably find a ton of new books I want to buy, and I already have a list of books I need to read that could stretch to the moon.  

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