Monday, February 28, 2011

AIDS/HIV Prevention

Our Lady of Gaga was on Good Morning America dressed in condom chic as a way to talk about AIDS/HIV prevention
I'm glad to see a celebrity talk about this because God knows breakfasts at the White House are probably going to go unnoticed, especially by the under 20 set. 
In terms of other thoughts, I love the idea that Lady Gaga might be the voice of our generation.  I say this because I've commented before how much I don't want the voice of our generation to be another white straight man (as much as I love Kurt Cobain and John Lennon, who both have been given such a title, I am loathe for it to be someone like, say, the founder of Facebook.)  I love that Lady Gaga is neither male or straight- and openly so.  I don't agree with all her politics, but I would rather see someone progressive and activist-oriented than someone benefitting from a capitalist system. 

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