Tuesday, February 15, 2011

McSweeney's Takes the Love out of Valentine's Day

I do not have a problem with Valentine's Day as a holiday, in theory. As a feminist, I do have a problem with gender roles, and Valentine's Day is often just another example of that. And I figured that someone yesterday would manage to anger me when it came to that.
Instead, I got angry because someone was making fun of the disabled, specifically the mentally disabled. McSweeney's reposted this piece, called "Obsessive Compulsive Valentines." Among other things, it actually has Valentines that sound like they are from a Paranoid Schizophrenic, but the entire idea is offensive.
The humor of this piece is apparently that those with a clinical disorder are funny, and also, by the way, inept when in comes to love. Anyone who has suffered from OCD (or a similar condition) knows that as hard as it sometimes may be to function, living with society's constant prods is even harder. Often it is people's assumptions and negative perspective that is more crippling that anything a disabled person has.

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