Friday, February 18, 2011

Casting Wonder Woman

Every geek is keeping up with the ongoing drama over bringing Wonder Woman back to the small screen.  The show's gone to E.Kelley, a scripts been released, and people have begun casting. 
I love Chromatic Casting, because they usually have some wonderful and interesting suggestions: Gina Torres, Dichen Lachman, Miracle Laurie, Indira Varma, and Henry Lennix.  (I get the feeling the author of this post watches much of the same sci-fi that I do.)  As much as I would love to Gina Torres as Wonder Woman (and totally believe she could handle it), I'd actually love to see Dichen Lachman in the role.  Lachman was lovely on Dollhouse, and I'd love to see what else she is capable of, and I honestly don't want to see her in such a small role. 
So my thoughts on who I'd like to see:
Wonder Woman- Bianca Lawson
She's sort of an obscure choice, but Lawson, once upon a time, was a slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though, it should be noted, she wasn't the slayer.)  It was a tragedy that her character got killed off so quickly, because she was easily one of the more interesting actors on the show. 
Veronica Cale- C.C.H. Pounder
Pounder can bring it to any role, and mostly I've seen her play characters who are trying to be good in impossible situations.  I'd love to see her try out a bad guy role. 
Myndi Main- Ling Bai
I'm sick of Bai play roles where she's asked to be a sex object.  (Her guest role on Lost was insulting and, as an episode as a whole, totally unnecessary.)  Let's give Bai something else, let's give her the antithesis with a girl-next-door, loyal, best friend role. 
Steve Trevor- John Cho
Every (straight) girl needs an awesome boyfriend.  Cho's perfect.  (Though, since he's so busy, may I also suggest J. August Richards?) 
Ares- Kal Penn
I mostly want to see Cho/Penn work on something dramatic, and Penn's work on House was wonderful.  I'm still disappointed they killed off his character too, because I need Penn to come back to an almost completely boring show and livin' it up.  (Though if they can't get Penn, I would totally settle for Steven Williams or Carlos Gomez.) 
Who would you cast in the Wonder Woman show?

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