Saturday, February 12, 2011

James Blake's "Limit To Your Love"

There's something fascinating about a good cover. Covers so often are just another, different voice, but sometimes they add or subtract or subvert or just plain change a song in a wonderful way. I love that about a cover.
This is James Blake (a huge star in the U.K., virtually unknown in the U.S.) doing a cover of Feist's "Limit to Your Love." The original is bland in comparison with this cover, which manages to be subtly dramatic and quietly convincing of its emotional motivations in a way the original never is. Feist's lyrics are phenomenal, but Blake manages to highlight their simplicity and depth to the point of elegance.
Blake is so baby-faced, so young looking, but his pain feels like it has been distilled in the barrel of someone older, someone about to die, someone saddled with the tragedy of mistakes and regrets, almost Johnny Cash like.
This video is amazing, and like the song, all about the small things. Everything is shaking slightly, like just the barest of earthquakes is rippling through. I love the blue color hanging over much of the video; it's like the ceramic gray color of a winter Sunday morning. And it has the wonderful imagery of orbiting fruit.

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