Monday, February 14, 2011

MLK Strikes Again

There have been wonderful, fascinating stories coming out of the the revolution that is taking place in Egypt, most of them surrounding the geo-political situation and the use of social media such as Twitter.  One of my favorite stories is about the use of a fifty year old comic of Martin Luther King Jr. being distributed through the protesters at Tahrir Square.  King's story and message was being narrated (in a translated format) through stories and pictures.
Comics are some of the best ways to communicate to the masses because of their format.  As much as I love a good manifesto, political texts that are solely written often allienate the people, especially if the text is bogged down in political or philosophical jargon.  This is why so many amazing movements have turned to art, especially in the form of posters, to express their ideas.   
This is also a great example of how powerful and far-reaching the comic/graphic arts format can be. 

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