Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Creations

It's been snowing so much this year. I've been tickled by all the snow creations that people have been making. Here's some of my favorites.

Classic snowman, which were harder to find on the ground that you think. Love that he's rocking a pipe Sherlock Holmes-style.

It's a dragon! Or maybe a dinosaur. With carrots for spikes.

I guess this is an alien snowman. Doing the peace sign salute that Nixon perfected. Possibly that's a second head on him too.

Everyone was getting into the spirit of enjoying the snow creatures.

Snow mice or maybe rats. I love how they've all congregated on top of a picnic table. Typical snow rat thing to do.

One snow rat is even desperately trying to get up onto the table. I watched multiple people make snow mice and then leave them all together.

"Same thing we do every night, Pinkie. Try and take over the world."

I'm totally impressed by the shape of this monster's mouth.

This guy was huge. Someone had even detailed scales in.


  1. This post is sooo cool! Makes me want to get out there and create something with all of this snow!

  2. Thanks ninja! I know, right? I love these guys too.