Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Language Learing Challenge

I am frequently amazing and impressed by the steampunk subculture. Everyone I've encountered who enjoys steampunk is smart and thoughtful and full of enthusiasm, and not just for steam-powered machines or gear-decorated bowler hats. Exhibit A: The Steamer's Trunk Presents: The Great Language Learning Challenge! Basically, starting today and for the entire month of February, the goal is to teach yourself a new language. I doubt anyone could get really good in a month, but this is a great idea.
I was alerted to this idea by Multiculturalism for Steampunk, the sister blog for the challenge. They mentioned there were great potential resources out there. I'm hoping that people will be posting some of those resources throughout the month, since I am curious to see what's out there. You know that scene in Love Actually where Colin Firth totally butchers Portuguese? That's what I'm like when I speak another language.

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